Who is Kathlyn Dee Photography?

I am a lifestyle photographer.
I find life amazing and captivating.  I see life in people and in families. I see something there I want to capture. I want to capture that in my own family. I strive to capture it for your family too.
I have a passion to capture special moments as well as everyday life. I have an eye for something beyond a “traditional” family portrait.  I endeavor to capture your family as it is; authentic and real.  I am not trying to produce a “perfect” portrait because life isn’t perfect. I want to catch your family connecting with each other, living life. I want to catch your family as it is…beautiful.  My photography is spontaneous, fun and lively.  So when we get together, the most important thing to remember is relax and have fun. Be real. Play. Laugh Be happy. Be in love with each other.  Be wonderfully alive.
I am a wife and mother to three wonderful sons and one daughter, mother-in-law to three beautiful daughters, and grandma to three adorable grand babies. My family is the most important thing to me.
I have been taking pictures for over 15 years but truly have been behind a camera most of my life.

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